Capacity: 300 litres
Internal dimensions: 900 x 650x 640 mm. (excluding auxiliary tank)
Useful measurements: 850 x 495 x 360 mm.
Platform dimensions: 850 x 495 mm.
External dimensions: 1340 x 890 x 1020 mm.

Weight: 300 Kg.


• Power Supply: 400V.
• Heating element: 7000W.


• Ultrasonic Power: 3000W. (6000W. p-p).
• 1 ultrasound generator with an output power of 3000 W (6000 W p-p).
Working frequency: 40 KHz with a frequency Sweep System (Sweep System ± 2%).


• 4.3” TFT LCF touch screen. Functional and intuitive; with access to select the time of the ultrasounds, temperature and peripherals or optional systems; and it is programmable on a weekly calendar.
PLC with a temperature model fitted with 7 outputs and 7 inputs.


AISI 304 stainless steel tank, 2 mm thick.
Exterior steel panelling with a special anti-fingerprint finish. Easy to clean.
K-Flex Duct Net thermal and acoustic insulation, 20 mm.
Reinforced pneumatic platform for loading and immersing. Maximum load capacity: 250 Kg.
½” water inlet ball valve and a 1½” one for drainage.
Silentblock legs, adjustable in height.
Heat-insulated stainless steel end-of-day lid.
Compressed air gun to dry parts Integrated system to separate lubricants and oils. Removes residue from the surface of the ultrasound tank, keeping the cleaning equipment in perfect condition.
(Optional): filtering system (stainless steel filter with a polypropylene/polyester bag) for residue and mud.