The Management considers Integrated Management and respect for the Environment as one of the essential premises for success. For this reason, it defines its integrated policy and assumes the maximum responsibility in its application to the entire field of activity of the company:


Design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and technical assistance of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and systems.


This conception must be assumed by all members and collaborators of TIERRA TECH S.L., as well as the rest of the interested parties involved, who will be aware of their participation and will accept their responsibility to contribute to the achievement of the objectives in all fields of activity of the company.


The Integrated Policy is based on the following principles:


- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. It is the policy of TIERRA TECH S.L. to provide products and services that meet the needs and expectations of customers, others that the company subscribes voluntarily, and those required by any other external agent concerned, complying with current legislation and regulations on management and environment.


- MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP. The Management assumes as its own the integrated Policy of the organization and promotes it through Objectives and goals relevant to the Context of the Organization, and appropriate to the nature, magnitude, and impact, oriented not only to the Integrated Management but also at environmental level.


- GUARANTEE THE INFORMATION AND TRAINING of the staff and their representatives, regarding System Management, both at management and environmental level.


- OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSES AND RESOURCES to achieve Integrated Management products, with the least possible internal and external rejection, .


- DECISION MAKING BASED ON DATA AND OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. The Integrated Management data on which decision making is based are: Customer Complaints, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Audits, etc.


- COLLABORATION AGREEMENTS with Suppliers and Customers within the framework of the established Integrated Management Policy.


- INNOVATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, based on the application of monitoring processes, measurement, analysis and implementation of solutions, as well as guaranteeing the prevention and elimination, or minimization of pollution.


- COMMITMENT TO RESPECT AND PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT during the service provided, and throughout the stages of the life cycle under control of the organization.


The commitment of the organization does not end with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, but maintains a permanent challenge of improvement, in order to obtain the total satisfaction of our Clients and other affected interested parts.


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