Since January 2017, Tierratech® has implemented in all its subsidiaries the new management software SAP Business One, a new tool for the integral management of the company: purchases, production, sales, and technical service.

The communication between the different departments is substantially improved and the response time is accelerated. The implementation of SAP Business One means the integration of all the processes of the company into a single source of information, speeding up access to it, resulting in a quick response to the customer.

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This tool means that Tierratech® and its subsidiaries have a significant improvement in the commercial advisory process, as well as a more efficient service. 

By having a single source of information, with unique data, SAP B1 is facilitating communication between departments, streamlining the management and avoiding errors. This change is assuming a notable improvement in the processes with our customers: offers, orders and billing. With SAP B1, the after-sales service is also optimized substantially, since with the traceability offered by the system, the customer's equipment can be located and access a database of incidents and solutions in real time, giving an immediate response.

We would also like to thank Systecs company consultants for SAP Business One for their efforts and patience, which they have had in the last 4 months in the implementation and advisory work with our staff.

Tierratech® has implemented SAP B1