How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Many of you ask us how our technology works and why it is cutting-edge and revolutionary. Well, we have prepared an article on how ultrasound cleaning works, in which we explain step by step the performance of the ultrasonic machines, as well as its potential uses, which we anticipate, are infinite.


How does ultrasonic cleaning work

To get into this topic, we must first talk about a basic definition, which is is the base of its technology: ultrasound.


How do ultrasounds work?

It is about high frequency waves, beyond what is perceptible by human beings. Its name may be familiar to us because some animals use them, for example to orient themselves, such as bats, and it is the same technology used for maritime sonar systems.

This type of waves can propagate through different materials, for example, air, as we have discussed in the previous example, or it can also do so through a liquid. Medical ultrasounds are another common example of how this technology can be applied in healthcare.

What does an ultrasonic cleaner do?

Ultrasonic cleaning works by longitudinal waves produced in the liquid where the parts or elements to be cleaned are immersed. It is about breaking the links of all the particles that are not part of the piece but are housed in it.

Thus, ultrasonic washers, either with water or using a specific solution, create small bubbles that remove dirt, grease, rust, or any other material added to the surface of the piece that we want to remove.

What is an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

An ultrasonic machine or ultrasonic washing machine basically consists of:

1. A tank in which the piece to be cleaned is immersed.

2. A generator and an ultrasound emitter.

3. And water or a specific ultrasonic cleaner solution.

There are many applications for this technology, so it is not only used in industrial cleaning.

In the market we can also find ultrasound machines designed to provide other solutions. Its use is also common in medical applications, such as ultrasound scans, as well as in aesthetic treatments as an alternative to surgery, also known as cavitation.

What is ultrasonic cleaning for?

What is truly revolutionary about this technology is that, autonomously, without wasting hours and effort, we achieve a thorough cleaning, even in places that are difficult to access and in many cases without the need to disassemble the part.


What can be cleaned with ultrasonic?

The applications of ultrasonic cleaning are diverse, ranging from skin care, through cleaning surgical material or industrial engineering.

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

In the case of cleaning solutions, portable ultrasound machines are small washing machines that allow cleaning jewellery, watches, glasses, or small electrical parts. These can be used regularly and without risk of material degradation.

On the other hand, they are also frequently used in laboratories for cleaning medical or surgical material, in a highly effective way and as a previous step to sterilization.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning

One of the most common applications for ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the industrial one. This industrial ultrasound equipment could be also standard or developed ad hoc, specifically for the needs of the factory or industry and that are applicable:

- The motor industry (which we will detail below).

- The food industry, for example, in the washing of moulds, and in the cleaning process of some foods.

- Pharmaceutical and medical industry. In this sector they are mainly used to remove chemicals, oils, or pigments.

- Plastic and mould industry, since it can generate extraordinary results in all types of injection moulds, not only plastic but also aluminium, rubber, etc.

- Marine industry and maintenance. Ultrasonic cleaning in this sector is especially relevant, since it concerns the washing of large parts, such as heat exchangers, intercoolers or tube bundle with unbeatable results compared to traditional washing.

- Aeronautic industry and maintenance, in the cleaning of heat interchangers, injection pumps ...

Ultrasonic machine for workshops

One of the most common uses of ultrasonic cleaning is in the workshops. Tierratech, has a specific range of parts washers suitable for cleaning carburettors, cleaning engines, cleaning diesel injectors, etc.

It is about applying the new ultrasonic cleaning technology eliminating the manual cleaning of parts, or the traditional parts washers, which require excessive time, and achieving optimal results in the shortest possible time and with little manipulation.

In short, ultrasounds are an optimal cleaning solution, since it requires less human manipulation, and consumes less time and energy than traditional methods. Do not hesitate and ask us for advice with no strings attached, you won’t regret it!

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