TierraTech provides ultrasonic cleaning solutions according to the needs of each client 


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for automotive

At TierraTech we are backed by extensive experience in supplying standard and customized equipment, the ultrasonic cleaner solution for the automotive industry and its auxiliaries. Depending on the application and the number of pieces to be washed, the standard or customized equipment suitable for the needs of the client will be the ultrasonic cleaner solution recommended.


Ultrasonic cleaning solution for electronics

Ultrasonic cleaner electronic applications are used on printed circuit boards and electronic components to clean weld residues, dust, grease and other contaminants that diminish their performance. We achieve high quality cleaning in hard-to-reach areas or blind holes and gentle on delicate welded joints and small parts. After the ultrasonic cleaning solution for electronics, its components improve their effectiveness and improve SIR test results.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for aeronautic industry

The precision of ultrasonic cleaning solutions helps both component manufacturers and MRO centers meet the stringent quality demands and strict industry safety standards. Tierratech equipment is the ultrasonic solution for cleaning hydraulic systems, heat exchangers, engine parts, injection pumps, blades, etc., as they do not damage materials and do not modify their geometry or dimensions.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for graphic industry

Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are used for cleaning anilox rollers and sleeves, printing plates, inkwells, ceramic rollers and other removable printing parts with greasy, water-based, alcohol-based or UV ink build-up. Ultrasonic cleaning recovers the transfer level of the anilox roller cavities (cell volume recovery) and also on gravure cylinders of all sizes. TierraTech® equipment helps to maintain high print quality.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution in mold sector

Washing by immersion in our ultrasonic tanks is an effective and quality solution for cleaning all types of injection molds, that is, plastic, rubber, rubber-metal, aluminum injection, zamac, etc., since with its solution, production times are optimized. It allows to obtain a total cleaning of the mold without the need to disassemble the piece and without damaging the materials.  For this reason, ultrasonic solutions represents the most effective alternative to traditional cleaning systems.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for Surface treatment and electroplating

Ultrasonic pre-cleaning or part cleaning saves a great deal of time and labor, as it is the solution to eliminate manual cleaning and long immersion times required by traditional washing methods. Quickly and effectively removes polishing paste, grease and dirt of all kinds on metal and plastic parts, reaching all hard-to-reach áreas.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for nuclear, wind, thermal, cogeneration and solar industry

The energy industry includes sectors such as nuclear, wind, thermal, cogeneration and solar. Depending on which one, we have different solutions, such as the cleaning of heat exchanger plates and heads in the nuclear sector. In the cogeneration industry, the main applications are the decarbonization and degreasing of engines and the cleaning of heat exchangers. In the wind industry it is used for the maintenance of geared motors.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for food industry

Our equipment is the cleaning solution for the removal of oil, greasy dirt, residues and calcareous deposits. With the recommended ultrasonic system, we achieve a cleaning that is far superior to traditional methods, being a guarantee in the maintenance of equipment and tools in an industry with such high hygienic requirements.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for pharmaceutical and laboratory

TierraTech is the best cleaning solution in the pharmaceutical industry. Our ultrasonic equipment is used to remove traces of chemical products, oils, pigments or fingerprints, among other residues. We remove dirt from complex parts with cracks, difficult access or joints without damaging them. Ultrasound equipment achieves a high quality of cleaning and saves time and effort compared to manual washing.


Ultrasonic cleaner solution for marine industry

In the marine industry, ultrasonic cleaning solutions are applied in construction, renovation and maintenance, as well as oil drilling platforms and offshore/wind power generation platforms. Our cleaning equipment can also be used to work on different types of vessels or container, thus expanding the scope of maintenance in a variety of places and conditions. Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are used both for cleaning heat exchangers, cylinder heads, turbos, intercoolers, tubular bundles or propellers as well as for other parts with accumulation of rust, grease and oil, paint, varnish, lubricant, sediment or carbon among others.


Ultrasonic cleaner solutions for industrial maintenance

The harsh working conditions to which this type of machinery is subjected, make preventive maintenance a fundamental task to extend its useful life and for its proper functioning. Our ultrasonic cleaning solutions facilitates the cleaning of chains, reducers, solenoid valves, transmissions or hydraulic units, heat exchangers, filters, etc., thus helping with correct maintenance that favors the efficient work of the machinery and reduces the possibility and risk of unforeseen breakdowns.

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